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Windproof Rechargeable Arc Lighter: Compact, Safe & USB-Compatible

Windproof Rechargeable Arc Lighter: Compact, Safe & USB-Compatible

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Unveiling our rechargeable candle lighter, designed for both convenience and efficiency. With a simple safety lock and quick ignition, it offers both reliability and peace of mind. Beyond its safety credentials, our lighter stands out for its resilience against strong winds, thanks to its sturdy stainless steel frame — perfect for all your indoor and outdoor lighting needs.

Charging is a breeze with our USB port. Coupled with a high-quality knitted wire, it ensures rapid recharging. Bonus for Android users: it's compatible with your devices.

And storage? We've got it sorted with a smart hook design, ensuring tidiness without the fuss.

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Presenting our **Rechargeable Lighter**: Fashioned from solid metal and available in a palette from ink to rose gold. A mere 40 minutes, and it's charged and ready.

**Inside Your Package**:

A cutting-edge Arc Lighting Tool awaits.

**Please Note**:

The product may differ slightly due to lighting and photography nuances. Also, minor size variations can be expected owing to its crafted nature.

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